Bundled Wealth Management Service

When you entrust us with your assets, we take the time to understand your personal and financial objectives. Our strategy for portfolio growth is tailored to your needs and focused on your peace of mind. It is our conviction that to serve you well, we need to know you. As a Private client of Northern River Financial, we will provide consistent direction and feedback on your investments. Our fee-based structure is designed to ensure that you receive unbiased advice and complete transparency. Our success is driven by a desire to serve the clients that we have taken the time to know.

We can manage all your registered assets, as well as Taxable, Corporate, Trust and Pension accounts. When entering into engagement, the client authorizes us to act with full discretion in managing their investments according to a pre-determined and agreed upon Investment Policy Statement. This benefits both parties by providing for the efficient and timely execution of investment strategies.

Northern River Financial customizes portfolios for private clients on a segregated basis to meet their specific needs and requirements. We aim to build portfolios that provide long term, above-average performance while prioritizing capital preservation and low risk. Private clients benefit from this exclusive service in many ways:

  1. Each portfolio is unique and tailored to individual client needs. Portfolios are designed to meet specific objectives, such as capital preservation and long-term growth, offering greater asset allocation flexibility.
  2. Possibility of excluding specific investments. Our clients have the option of tailoring their portfolio to prohibit specific investments.
  3. Greater control of tax considerations. Clients have the flexibility to structure their portfolios in the most tax-efficient manner for their situation, avoiding embedded capital gains.
  4. Clarity. Clients have a clearer picture of the individual securities that they own and can therefore follow companies in their portfolio, should they so wish.
  5. Low fees. Our approach is less costly than a portfolio of funds approach, since fees decreases as the portfolio grows. Fees are also tax deductible for non-registered accounts.

Key Considerations

  • Do you have the time to attend to your personal financial affairs?
  • Are you confused about conflicting financial advice from several sources?
  • Do you have life goals and objectives you want to achieve?
  • Do you feel you are paying too much tax?
  • Are you confused about where to invest your money?