Executive Compensation

Pensions. Retirement plans. Employee benefits and executive compensation. If you are searching for a firm with a deep knowledge and understanding of these areas, look no further. Northern River Financial can provide you with clear and practical advice to help you achieve your goals and a seamless service that covers regulatory, fiduciary, tax, governance, transactions, and disputes.

We can assist with all types of pension and retirement plans. Benefit from our comprehensive services, which include design and set-up consultation, plan modification, administration and communications, the investment of plan assets and fiduciary responsibilities.

Northern River Financial understands what is needed in different business sectors to attract and retain top talent and motivate people to achieve critical business objectives. We can help you achieve your goals by working with you to design and implement all types of equity and cash-based incentive plans, whether to incentivize employees to meet short or long term operational and financial objectives or retain and reward key employees in connection with a merger or sale of the business. Our team can advise on senior executive employment and severance arrangements, compensation risk assessments, corporate governance, and the disclosure of directors’ and officers’ compensation.

Whether you’re a private, public or non-profit company, pension scheme trustee, financial institution, individual executive, a board of directors’ compensation committee, insolvency practitioner or government body, Dentons can advise you on all your benefit and executive compensation needs.

Key considerations

  • Design and set up
  • Plan modification
  • Administration and communication
  • Investment of plan assets
  • Fiduciary responsibilities