Cash Flow and Debt Management

Most people cringe when they hear the words budgeting, or cash flow management, however our ability to build wealth is ultimately determined by how much we save and how successfully we invest. Careful analysis and monitoring of your cash flows and expenses can result in additional monies being available for savings, investment or debt reduction. For those with debt, Northern River Financial can work through strategies to accelerate repayment, and ensure you are diverting surplus cash flows to pay down the right debt.

You will be surprised at the surplus cash flow you can identify after reviewing your personal cash flows with a little more vigour. We can then develop a plan to determine whether those monies are best used to reduce debt, contribute to superannuation, or fund other wealth creation strategies.

Effectively managing your debt and cash flow can have a significant impact on your overall financial health. We firmly believe that developing and maintaining the right financial habits is necessary in reaching your goals as minimizing debt and managing cash flow is the basis of long term wealth creation strategies. Cash flow planning and debt management are the cornerstone of a sound financial life plan.

Key considerations

  • Reviewing your spending patterns, financial commitments, and debts
  • Identifying your financial life goals and target timeframes to achieve them
  • Creating plans to pay off mortgage, loans, credit cards or other debt
  • Recommending savings plans or investment strategies to achieve goals
  • Advise on appropriate insurance to protect assets and financial position